9th April 2006 - 26th SS34 Commodores Race at FSC
We will be taking Swagman down for her annual pilgramage to the SS34 Commodores Race. We will depart RPYC by 0930 Sunday morning to arrive at FSC by 1130. After the race and presentation we will be her back to RPYC.

25th March 2006 - Permanent move to RPYC
Well it has finally arrived. RPYC has offered us a decent pen (B65), and we have taken them up on the offer. We departed from SoPYC for the final time at about midday with Bill sending us off and helping with the mooring lines. We then pulled alongside one of the jetty's before the race to pick up the crew. After the race with all crew on board we pulled Swagman into her new pen at RPYC.

11-14th November 2005 - Boat on slips at SoPYC
This weekend we will be putting the boat on the slips for it's annual bottom scrub, and re-antifouling. We will be taking the boat out of the water on Friday afternoon, and before the old antifouling dries out we use high pressure water to blast the old antifouling off. This is normally done from 1500 onwards, and really only needs 2 people. Then it is an early start on Saturday morning, to sand off the remaining antifouling, do some patch-up work around the keel, prop shaft. At the same time we clean and polish the top side of the hull. Once that is complete we put the first coat of antifouling on the bottom. We normally finish up early afternoon on Saturday. Sunday doesnt involve very much, and depending what we get done on Saturday, it may not be necessary for everybody to come on Sunday. But, Sunday basically involves another coat of antifouling on the water line, and then touching up anything else that may need to be done on the boat. Monday morning we put the boat back in the water, and again we only need two for that.

29-30th October 2005 - SS34 Classic Racing - FSC
The first of what hopefully will be ongoing SS34 Association races is scheduled. It is held in conjunction with Fremantle Sailing Club's (FSC) monthly Mini Regatta's, and is designed to kick-off racing as an association again. The races are Jib & Main (JaM) only, so minimally crew is required, however we do need 4 to get the boat down and up the river. We are planning to go down on Friday afternoon, leaving SoPYC at 1630, and it should take around 2 hours. We will then return the boat on Sunday afternoon after presentations.

The format for the weekend is:
Windward Leeward Courses - Owen Anchorage
Conducted by Fremantle Sailing Club
3 x 1 hour back to back races on Saturday and Sunday morning
First race each day starts at 9:30am
Sunday Afternoon Presentations with Sausage Sizzle
Notice of Race
2005-2006 - Summer Sailing Season
Well the season is well and truly underway now. We have had a number of changes on the boat this year. Starting with Bill retiring from full-time sailing, and will only be sailing occassionally or when desperately needed. That means Andrew has taken over full-time skippering, which then has a roll-on affect with less crew. In response to that we have recruited some extra crew. After one season with Swagman Brad has now moved to the foredeck to learn this challenging position. We have recruited Simon T. (prospective SS34 owner) for the season, and Antony part-time; who both will. And, Brett will continue his part-time role as well. Simon A. will continue to sail when his business commitments allow. That means we have between 4-6 people to sail each weekend, with the possibility to use some others as well. Preferably I would like to have 5 of us full-time.
We will continue to do the twilight races at least every second Thursday, and possibly the occassionally twilight at SoPYC on Wednesday evenings. Wives & partners are most welcome for these evenings, and others on request (I have to be aware of total numbers on the boat). If you wish to bring others along for special evenings please dont hesitate to organise with me (the more the merrier).
We are currently in the process of requesting a pen at RPYC, and will move over from SoPYC when a suitable one becomes available. Once that is done we will replace the old "SP" black sail numbers with red "R" ones. Hopefully our sail number will be "R34" which is appropriate for an SS34.
Sails are a bit of an issue this year. The main and genoa (No.1) are looking a bit worse for wear, and hopefully they will see out the season. At a price tag of around $3000 for a genoa & $2500 for a main they require a bit of financial planning. But, we will see what we can do.